Visual identity, the image of your company

We create concepts of visual identity

We care about caring for and improving the image of your company and products, and its identity is key.Our graphic design services and branding will help communicate the message to get across, and the degree of impact required.

Landois ® provides a complete service with everything you need for your company to be made ??in a reliable and efficient care by addressing and improving the image of both their company and their products.

Your potential customers routinely choose the product and trademark services almost without thinking, and makes it take less and require less investment to be sold. Your sales process can be facilitated largely through building a strong brand.

The main brand represents the identity of the company against the consumer, comprising the image of quality and service that the company generates through its products.

How do we do?

Our identity service starts with the determination of brand name, according to the image you are looking for the product or service you represent.

Subsequently, we develop the brand logo as well as additional identity that comprises: colors, images, photographs, etc. It is also recommended developing a slogan according to business objectives and to help generate a greater impact.

Once you have these elements is possible to develop the corporate identity of the company formed to a greater or lesser extent, by: letterhead, business cards, envelopes, invoices, files and other stationery required for the routine operation of the business.

Additionally, and according to the specific needs of business in terms of dissemination and promotion, develop a range of advertising formats, always according to the image that the company plans to their customers, ranging from very visual with extensive use of photographs and descriptions for promotional use, even the most simple for informational purposes only.