Design and development of new products

The design industry looks at this activity is also known as Industrial Design.

A properly designed product gets a competitive advantage and increases its market value. Good design makes products more attractive to consumers and encourage their use. The appearance of a product unlike the excitement of the boring, the sophistication of the ordinary, and the value of the ordinary.

Landois ® assists in the development of higher value by focusing on 3 aspects: efficiency program, aesthetics and functionality. With this you will be able to optimize resources and reduce production costs in addition to getting a product that is practical, functional, attractive and friendly environment.

Higher value

The value of a product to the consumer, is given in terms of Quality, Features and Price. Our job is to help increase the quality or attributes of the product and reduce its price, the increase or decrease, respectively, of these variables translates into higher value products.

Higher value

We want to help project a positive image to their customers and improve their products by providing a full advisory.

In our department we take care of every detail to create products with attractive colors, proportions and texture, high efficiency and operational safety, convenience and comfort in use, ease of maintenance and repair, durability and function expression in terms of form.

Remember also that we can help to modify their products so that they meet customer requirements and more efficient to manufacture and easier to assemble, maintain and recycle.